We lead by example and always ensure group interests prevail. We also expect our staff to feel the same. Consequently, we continuously invest in training and self-management for our staff. This enables them to assist you with a great sense of initiative, know-how and respect for the LIPA Family core values.

One of our biggest assets? Our speed! Short communication lines and a quick exchange of information ensure our customers can always rely on expert advice and a short turnover time.


From day 1 we have strived for long-term partnerships with our customers, suppliers and stakeholders. In doing so, quality, assurance and consistency take centre stage. This translates into solid SLAs, a beacon of stability in an ever-changing market and economy.

Moreover, we treat our staff with great integrity and  we invest in their personal development through great growth opportunities.


Passion means we always give it our all! We are passionate about LIPA Family’s social role. Contributing to a sustainable economy and recycling waste is a noble cause that drives our enthusiastic and optimistic approach every day.

Corporate social responsibility is our passion, and it benefits our customers too. When joining forces with LIPA Family you can rest assured we will work according to the highest quality, sustainability and safety standards.  After all, the more we focus on these values in-house, the better we can assist you.


We have a set production process, which  starts with a thorough analysis, followed by well-thought-out working methods and a constant, accurate follow-up of all results. But there’s more… We are also constantly on the look-out for ways to improve these standards.