LIPA Family offers custom solutions.


Entrepreneurship runs through our veins. Sustainable entrepreneurship is our passion. Teamwork is key in this view.


Entrepreneurship runs through our veins. After all, LIPA Family is a genuine family business that has been shaping the future for almost a century, in a socially and environmentally friendly manner.

We guarantee flexible, custom solutions to continuously meet changing demands and requirements due to market and government evolutions.

Innovation is our second nature. We constantly optimise our production processes and logistics even further. This allows us to work even more efficiently and continue to lengthen the life cycle of our raw materials.

We constantly analyse our strategy and working methods, amending them where necessary. And if need be, we even give them a complete overhaul. We refuse to get bogged down in reaching the status quo. Instead, we constantly seek progress and new market opportunities.


Sustainable entrepreneurship is our passion. We constantly invest in optimising our in-house working methods to boost our efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.

We strive for minimal emissions of noxious gases, for example by splitting them up and releasing them according to their degree of pollution. Our innovative incineration plant is pioneering in our sector. This has made us fully compliant with the Kyoto guidelines on CO2 emissions.

We operate according to the strictest hygiene and safety standards, guaranteeing 100% traceability. An example of this approach? We keep samples of all processed and transported raw materials for a minimum of 6 months.

We’ve got three water treatment plants, with sensors and measurements constantly monitoring the water we discharge. This allows us to follow up key parameters day after day, and immediately intervene if necessary.


Group interests prevail. Collaboration, trust, initiative, mutual respect and personal development all contribute to this collective interest.

One of our biggest assets? Our speed and flexibility! Short communication lines and a quick exchange of information ensure our customers can always rely on expert advice and a short turnover time.