LIPA Family has helped shape the future for almost a century


Every day, we offer added value in what falls under the broad category of oils and fats to companies operating in food and food recycling.


Entrepreneurship runs through our veins. We owe our meticulous care for product quality and our top-notch services to Marcel Van den Berghe, who founded the company. After 20 successful years collecting and processing lard, he founded De Bavegemse Vetcompagnie (Baveco) in 1953, which supplied lard to bakers, among others.

After that, his sons started processing offal. In 1974 they set up Cominbel, which specialised in the processing of animal fats (for soap and biodiesel, among others) and the production of bone meal (used in animal feed and fertilisers, for example).

The next important step came in 1994, with the acquisition of Wouters, a wholesaler specialised in raw materials for bakeries and the production of bread-baking ingredients.


The third generation – Jan and Wim Van den Berghe – is now in charge of managing the business. Under their watch, LIPA has evolved into a modern group of companies with a long-term vision, LIPA Family.

LIPA Family specialises in food and food recycling and is active across Belgium. We also process what we collect and supply. We give what others see as ‘waste’ a new lease of life. Moreover, our circular production processes allow us to contribute to a better future.


In the future we plan to further optimise, create synergies and innovate. To us, entrepreneurship is, first and foremost, all about making the most of our economies of scale.

By further centralising overlapping activities, such as the purchase of (raw) materials, transport, accounts and HR, we aim to offer our services at the most affordable prices.

We want to continue innovating our production processes to take our signature high quality standards to the next level.
What started as a butcher’s with a single truck has evolved into a true family of companies with production sites in Bavegem, Lokeren and Moen.